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Relationship Mastery for Women

 Join us for our Relationship Mastery for Women and discover the unseen forces that shape our lives and relationships.

Rebeca Perea, dedicated relationship coach & therapist is going to be hosting our women's only in person event in Cardiff on the 8th of June 2024 at the Clayton Hotel.

You can ask her your most burning questions, hear from other women's experiences and get some valuable insight into yourself and your love life!

Wouldn't it be nice to be inmersed into a sacred sanctuary? Your inner sanctuary...💗

A safe space full of Love and support where a group of ladies who hold themselves accountable meet every month to have a date with themselves...

A place where you choose yourself rather than waiting to be chosen...
A place where you stand out from the crowd by just making a few tweaks here and there that will transform your relationships...

This place is the Relationship Mastery for Women, where every month we grow together and reintroduce ourselves.

🔔Just one word of warning: the person who arrives at 9am is not the same person who leaves at 5pm...☝ Transformation happens in the background whilst you go through the ride of personal mastery whilst having fun, love and connection in a safe place where you can be you💫

If you are in a relationship do you ever:

✔️feel like you’re going around in circles feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall and get told that you are overreacting or too emotional?

✔️doubt yourself just to confirm that you can not trust your partner?
✔️feel that your partner takes you for granted or does not appreciate you enough?
✔️feel like the passion with your partner is gone?

✔️feel like you’re never going to resolve your relationship struggles because your partner doesn’t want to work on them?
✔️feel like you’re walking on eggshells and at any time there could be another blow out?
✔️feel like you have to do it all and you can’t rely on your partner?
✔️feel that you and your partner are more like flatmates or like mum looking after a little boy?

And if you are in the dating pool do you ever:

✔️feel like you keep attracting the wrong guys?

✔️feel ghosted?

✔️feel like you get too attached to your partners and end up heart broken?

✔️feel that your partners don't give you what you know you deserve?

✔️feel that your confidence disappears when it comes to dating?

✔️feel uncomfortable when your partners get too pushy or naggy?

✔️lose hope that you will ever find someone special?

✔️feel that you can't trust men?

✔️feel abused in different or similar ways?

✔️feel that you want more than sex?

✔️feel safe and loved but don't feel attracted to him?

✔️feel attracted to him but don't feel safe or loved?

In our Relationship Breakthrough Programme you can:

🎯Get clarity on what is underpinning your relationship struggles

🎯Transform your relationship situation regardless your partner is on board or not💪

🎯Save time, money, energy and pain by avoiding the common relationship pitfalls that most women go through

🎯Unapologetically to the point life changing group coaching💯

🎯Get out of your way the limiting stories that have been fed to you keeping women stuck in pain, misery and waste of time

🎯Like-minded personal growth network of women😊

🎯Grab the tools of transformation and implementation so no matter what life throws at you, you feel in control and know your best options💯🙏

🎯Soul-Heart connection with lots of fun guarantee💃

🎯Safe space to feel heard, understood and empowered

🎯Super powerful life changing healing inner work💯💖

Who is running the event?

My name is Rebeca Perea (Co-founder of Aligned with Love ) - a relationship specialist based in Cardiff and I am passionate about supporting women (and couples alongside my husband & business partner Matthew Albiges) to have incredible relationships from wherever they are starting from. We have been featured in the BBC a few times as well as in other national and international channels and magazines and you can find out more about our work at

Relationship Mastery for Women is part of our Relationship Breakthrough Programme as a way of going deeper into the nitty gritty of relationships to accompany you in your journey of Personal Transformation and Mastery , which ultimately, is the only thing that will give you the results that we all want, the transformation of our relationship challenges and the magic relationships that make our life special and our time worthy.

Whether you are an Aligned with Love member, a past one, a friend of them, or anything else, I have created the Relationship Mastery for Women as a way of supporting women in becoming their very best version of themselves. Join me with other empowered and action-taking women here in Cardiff at the Clayton Hotel on the 8th of June 2024 to take back control of your relationship situation, and step into a relationship that really serves you and the people around you! Remember: this is not so much about others but about how you relate to others, this is the key to change your relationships situation, with anyone, whatever the challenge... or the lack of it!

When I was a little girl I dreamt with having a friend who was always there with me supporting me with my emotional challenges, with my relationships, with my self-esteem problems, with my confidence issues, with my social awckwardness, with my chronic family problems, with my chronic loneliness, with my chronic sadness, with my chronic insecurities, with my chronic intermitent depression, with my chronic anger cloud that always acompanied me for years.... And now, after overcoming all that... I am here to be your coach, that coach that I always wanted to have myself. I went through a journey of pain and hell and I finally reached the other side where I now have my amazing DREAM partner Matt (delivery manifested!💞), my DREAM job (with Matt and delivery manifested too...!!😎) where I get to know people from all walks of life and I have the honour of guiding them to untangle their relaitonship challenges, to create the relationship of their dreams, to become their best version of themselves who have and do everything they get to choose... AND I AM HERE FOR YOU. THERE IS ONLY ONE ISSUE: I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE OF THOSE LADIES WHO ARE NOT SHOWING UP FOR THEMSELVES AND ARE WAITING TO BE RESCUED BY SOMEONE OR YOU ARE LIKE ME, READY TO TAKE ACTION, NO TIME TO WASTE, JUST COURAGE, JUST HUMILITY (WE ARE WHERE WE ARE), AND READY TO INSPIRE THE WHOLE WORLD WITH YOUR TRANSFORMATION, JUST LIKE I'VE DONE MYSELF. If you are the second type or want to become,
!!😎) where I get to know people from all walks of life and I have the honour of guiding them to untangle their relaitonship challenges, to create the relationship of their dreams, to become the best version of themselves who have and do everything they get to choose... AND I AM HERE FOR YOU. THERE IS ONLY ONE ISSUE: I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE OF THOSE LADIES WHO ARE NOT SHOWING UP FOR THEMSELVES AND ARE WAITING TO BE RESCUED BY SOMEONE OR YOU ARE LIKE ME, READY TO TAKE ACTION, NO TIME TO WASTE, JUST COURAGE, JUST HUMILITY (WE ARE WHERE WE ARE), AND READY TO INSPIRE THE WHOLE WORLD WITH YOUR TRANSFORMATION, JUST LIKE I'VE DONE MYSELF. If you are the second type or want to become, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

☝️This event isn't a passive experience; it's your opportunity to actively shape your relationship narrative. Sounds interesting?

Who is the event for?

Let’s break it down - you could say that there is some GOOD news and some BAD news here.
Firstly the GOOD news is that if you are looking for a solution by taking responsibility and taking action, then you are going to get lots of insight and actionable take-aways that you can start putting into place straight away.
You may not know exactly how you get into the repetitive cycle or challenge that you are in, but you’re at least OPEN to the fact that you must be doing something that isn’t helping and it’s keeping you stuck in the same loop.

And that’s not to say your partner is perfect either or the men that you tend to attract.

Sure, they have to own their own side of things, with whatever consequences that may bring.

But if you’re open to looking at what you might be doing that could be adding to the problem, or prolonging it, then you are in the right place.

The BAD news is that if you like to blame and complain and make the issue ALL about the other person, and think that’s going to solve anything… this event may NOT be for you.

And if you are the kind of person that "already knew it" then PLEASE🙄 don't come to join us because then you can help yourself as you seem "to know it all"... you don't need us.

Sure, you can tell us about your relationship issues and feel supported and heard as long as you come with the mindset that it's not your fault... but it is your responsibility, what you can do with what you have is on you and we can't wait to help you!

Maybe even you’ve been going through a really hard time.

We’re all just doing our best after all and a tough relationship can be a LONELY place or even the lack of it... particularly if you want to have a baby and your clock is ticking...😩 or if you have already started to witness how your relationship challenges are shaping your children's life...😪and probably affecting your health too, of course...🥺

It doesn't matter where we are coming from, what matters is where we are going now!🎯

And you need to be open to taking action to learn something so that you can move on… if you can’t look at that side of things you may not be ready for this kind of event. Remember, our empowerment is ALWAYS going to arise from something that we ourselves can take some action on… for as long as we’re living in hope of something changing we might be waiting a long time and I don’t know yours but my time is precious.

We can not change the past but we can change the future by altering what we do in the present!🙏

So if you’re ready and looking for a breakthrough, to get some insights and to hear from other people’s experience about what works… rather than what just gets us more of the same, then we’d love to see you there!

Another killer is SHAME. Shame is that thing that some people allow to paralyse them from taking action to move to the other side. The side where magic relationships are. Don't be one of those ladies. Instead, allow your fears to guide you towards Love💫

What kinds of results do people get?

Well if you look at the website or ask Dr Google you’ll see story after story (including lots of videos) of people that have stepped up and changed their lives.

🚀 We're not just dreaming; we're doing.

💖 Leave with tangible, actionable steps to revolutionize your relationships and create a life of love and fulfillment.

🔥Claim your spot in this empowering community of women who are committed to making 2024 the year of thriving connections.

🔥Secure your ticket now and let's turn your relationship goals into a powerful reality!

✨ Let's embrace our relationship challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and deeper connections.

ℹ️Event Details

Saturday 8 June 2024

9:00am to 5:00pm approx.

(There will be a break for lunch)

Clayton Hotel

St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1GD

⚠️(Registration time: 9:00-9:30)⚠️

Pd: ticket price will go higher as the room gets filled.

💗 We'll see you there! We can't wait to share, learn, and grow with you!
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Rebeca Perea💗

About Relationship Mastery for Women...🥰


"You took every woman in the room on a journey of self discovery, self care, self love and self mastery. Like a muse you inspired each of us with a flame that will never go out. I feel like a slightly different person. I feel awake. Thank you."

Safe Space

"I really enjoyed the session. Rebeca was so personable and warm. I instantly gravitated towards her and her energy. I am so grateful for the vulnerable experiences Rebeca shared, especially knowing how judgmental people can be. By creating this safe space for women and being vulnerable herself she allowed us all to feel safe to be vulnerable. I loved the session!"

Fun Guarantee

“It was really lovely to have a more intimate experience - it felt more comfortable to get to know the other participants and felt really empowering to be in a room with such amazing women. Dancing together at the end was a really nice way to make sure we left on a positive note and got us all laughing!”


“Women need each other for support. Our experiences and needs are shared, valued and felt throughout, the support we have for one another left us all feeling part of something and not alone. Loved the energy and the hope every woman had to be their authentic selves. X”


“Gave an insight to unconscious patterns of behaviour that I have carried from past trauma. I felt empowered and motivated and even more self aware. I also feel hopeful for future relationships. It lifted the mood!”


“It was powerful for me to share and connect with caring, open people who wanted to grow as individuals. It was useful to hear about other people's experiences and to support each other, even though we're all strangers. It was unusual and incredible. It was a good bonding session!”

Feel Understood

"Hi Rebeca, we just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for today’s meet up/masterclass 😊 it felt like what u did there was take care of us all, u created a space that felt beautiful and safe and warm, u literally fed us and watered us and hugged us and created a space for us to feel seen, valued and heard, I think u also give a sense to people that more than heard that they’re also understood, and then empowered, finally u got us all dancing and laughing. Felt like such a healing and nurturing thing to do, what a lovely gift to give us all on an unexpected Saturday morning 😁👯‍♀"

Be the change you want to see

June 8 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm approx.

Clayton Hotel

St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1GD,

United Kingdom

 Limited seats available!
Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey towards personal growth and emotional well-being.
We look forward to welcoming you to this empowering event! 

About Relationship Breakthrough Programme...🥰

Create meaning-full connections

Understand your relationships

Empower yourself